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Okay, this is probably not new information but the busy time of year for photographers (Fort Collins, CO for this one!) is in the fall. Well, family photographers anyway. In Colorado, our weather is usually so hit or miss in the spring that it’s not wise to schedule anything until after May (even though I do). And people are busy having fun in the summer traveling and swimming and all that. So that leaves Fall to get Christmas cards taken care of and the weather is great and the leaves change…you get my point. Well, this spring (and now summer) has turned into another busy time of the year for this photographer!

Don’t get me wrong I’m super thankful for it, but man, it’s crazy!! After the demise of my website (completely self-inflicted) I wanted to be really great about updating my blog and be this super cool blogger. But something has to give I guess! I dream about being a super cool blogger with tons of interesting things to say…but I’m not and I don’t. And that’s fine. I’m secure in the fact that I’m not a blogger because, well, I’m a math person and writing was never a fun thing for me, and because I now have a larger family and I like to Crossfit and I have this little business! And probably because I just ramble. Like right now.

So, all of that to say, it’s really crazy around here! And I’m trying to blog some sessions from the last 6 weeks because I want to show all the beautiful people I have the pleasure and opportunity to work with. This little girl below is one of those incredibly beautiful ones I’m talking about. She is number 6 and couldn’t be a part of a more incredible, loving, amazing family. She has 5 older brothers that adore her and the most laid back mom and dad I think I’ve ever met. It always amazes me how this mom can be so calm and even with her boys. Having 4 boys of my own I am particularly interested in other multiple boy families that are a little further ahead of us. You don’t have to spend too much time with her and her family to know that she’s pretty amazing. And now, this little girl gets to a part of it…(insert smiling emoticon here which I won’t do because it’s not a cool blogger thing to do)

It’s mom’s birthday today so help me wish her the happiest of days and leave her some comment love!!!!

For information on Newborn Sessions click HERE!! Now scheduling for FALL due dates.

Fort Collins Newborn PhotographerFort Collins Newborn PhotographerFort Collins Newborn PhotographerFort Collins Newborn PhotographerFort Collins Newborn PhotographerFort Collins Newborn Photographer

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