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I love spring in Colorado. As a Colorado (Fort Collins Area, specifically) Photographer, I especially love spring-time. Well, with the exception of the days it snows…I wrote about my love dislike of our spring-time snows last week but this week I’m back to a love of spring. We finally get to go outside and enjoy the best qualities of Colorado. The sun and the slow sunsets. So imagine my excitement when I received my Matilda Jane package..yes, I squealed when I opened it. The first collection of 2014 boasts of bright colors and mixed patterns and as always, the softest fabrics you will find. The Wonderful Parade collection is all about everything that embodies Matilda Jane. Whimsical and fun and sweet and feminine.

Another thing I love is being able to photograph a sweet little girl in the Colorado light. Add to that said sweet little girl being dressed in Matilda Jane…and I’m swooning. I wanted to be able to show off the color combinations of this outfit, but keep the whimsical feel that I get from this line of clothing. I think we nailed it!

Lets talk about these leggings. I am obsessed with coral. And how can you not love the ruffles? These leggings are the Sweetheart Ruffled Leggings. They are amazingly soft, like all of the fabric Matilda Jane uses, and, definitely could be a staple in any little girl’s closet. They would be adorable with just the Cloudy Puffer Tee  she has on or even a cute little short sleeve tee. 

ort Collins Family Photography

She was enamored with the leggings and the hearts on them. Khloe could not stop playing. with them. So sweet.

Fort Collins Family Photography

These leggings are meant to hit right at the ankle; on Khloe, I think they were perfect. She definitely could still wear them as she gets taller so they could be more of a mid-calf length and still be absolutely adorable.

Fort Collins Family Photography

The tee she has on is the Cloudy Puffer Tee. It’s made with that super soft, amazing, fabric I keep talking about and also comes in pink with polka dots (um, yes please). It’s actually supposed to be a 3/4 length sleeve but on Khloe it’s a little longer. Probably one size smaller and it would be the right length. Either way, it fits her perfect everywhere else and is perfect for our chilly spring nights.

Fort Collins Family Photography

It’s hard for me to really choose a favorite image from this session but I think this one may be it. I love her expression and how she’s playing with her feet.

Fort Collins Family Photography

Last, but definitely not least, is the Love Bug Knot Top she has on over the Puffer Tee. So much to talk about with this one! Honestly, when I first opened this one I wasn’t crazy about it. All of the different patterns and colors confused me a bit but it didn’t take me long to forget that confusion and completely LOVE it! (And by not long I mean maybe 2 minutes.) Okay, let’s start with the strawberries and cherries. Do you see those? It’s like a little spring-time garden all over her! The colors all work perfectly together and are complemented by the coral color on her legs. I love how it’s all really unassuming and the coral brings it together with a touch of warmth.

Fort Collins Family Photography

Here it is from the back. The feminine side of Matilda Jane’s style comes out in this top with the eyelet lace trim around the bottom. It didn’t have to have that trim around the bottom for the top to be adorable..but that added detail is the perfect touch.

Fort Collins Family Photography

Another sweet, feminine, detail on this knot-top are the sleeves. They are called flutter sleeves in MJ language. They coordinate with the leggings and help to pull the whole outfit together.

Fort Collins Family Photography

Yes Khloe, you are adorable.

Fort Collins Family PhotographyFort Collins Family Photography

Matilda Jane creates their collections so that each individual piece can be mixed and matched in a dozen different ways. The colors and patterns, even though at first glance may not exactly match, all coordinate with each other and are wearable in any combination. For example, take out the Puffer Tee and put in a short sleeve tee in cream or green and you have another great combination for when the weather is warmer. Or wear the tops with a pair of skinny jeans….again, super cute! It’s completely versatile and yet maintains the playful and feminine qualities Matilda Jane strives for.

Fort Collins Family PhotographyFort Collins Family PhotographyFort Collins Family Photography

I, once again, am honored to have the opportunity to ‘play’ a little with Matilda Jane. It’s always refreshing to be able to take a step back from the business side of LyndseyLew and work on something that’s just for fun. It helps me take a moment to remember why I do what I do and keeps me thankful for the gift I’ve been given. Also, I LOVE being able to give things away and I am excited to offer this outfit to someone in the near future!! Watch this week for an opportunity to have this Matilda Jane creation for your little girl!!


Matilda Jane Clothing – Wonderful Parade

Find a trunk keeper in your area to purchase this outfit.

Cloudy Puffer Tee, Sweetheart Ruffled Leggings, Love Bug Knot Top

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